terrain maisonUrgence Septique Inc. was established by André Proulx agr. and François Poulin ing., two experts in domestic and commercial wastewater treatment and cumulating more than 50 years of experience in this domain. The founders joined their expertise to offer to the Southern Quebec clientele a unique restoration service for clogged drain field which until now did not exist.

From the beginning of his career, André Proulx presents several conferences across Quebec to share his knowledge on the functioning of Septic Systems and the maintenance of drain fields. Sharing with American specialists and some from West Virginia University, he learns different techniques used in the United States to restore failed septic systems.

Furthermore, no real solution is proposed in Quebec to effectively solve the problem. Inspired by the American researches, Mr Proulx works out a unique and innovative technique which allows restoring failed drain field clogged by organic matter and biomat without having to modify the infrastructures in place.

« I wanted to combine my knowledge with the American know-how to propose an effective alternative solution, much more economic and more ecological than a drain field replacement. This is how Urgence Septique Inc. was born. » André Proulx

By combining their expertise, the founders are capable of offering a unique service based on a solid understanding of biological treatment processes and septic system’s mechanic which allows them to diagnose your drain field problem and to intervene adequately.

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