Your septic tank overflows or releases smells? The lawn over the drain field is waterlogged? It is very likely that your drain field is blocked or clogged. Urgence Septique inc. has the solution for you. With our unique technique, we recondition your septic system in only 4 stages:

Step 1 - Diagnosis and problem identification

The first step consists in knowing and understanding the actual septic system and the way it is used. A simple questionnaire is presented to the owner in order to outline the cause of the problem. The domestic habits are scrutinized here. The result of this questionnaire will allow us to define the type of intervention to be made and, if necessary, the correctives water consumption to be brought.

The drain field is then localized and its dimensions estimated if unknown. A visual inspection is meticulously made to reveal any anomalies and signs of malfunction.


Step 2 - Intervention

Once the problem is diagnosed, our team digs at the end of the septic tank to intercept the pipe which brings wastewater to the drain field. It is from this pipe that Urgence Septique inc. applies its technique of bio-mechanic backwask which allows to suck up all the residues and particles obstructing the drain field as well as to exercise an important control over the growth of the Biomat.

Moreover, this fast and effective intervention requires no modification in the structure of your septic system.

redémarrage champs d'épuration

Step 3 - Restart the natural treatment process

To maximize the restoration of your drain field functions, a new microbiological matrix is directly injected into the field.

This stage allows to pursue the cleaning process by biodegradation and to restart the natural treatment process by assisting and improving the natural biomass.

nettoyer champs d'épuration

Step 4 - Maintenance program

Une fois l’intervention terminée, l’équipe d’Urgence Septique inc. vous remet un protocole d’entretien et les recommandations nécessaires pour maximiser et prolonger la vie de votre installation septique.

creuser fosse septique

Why should you repair your drain field


The cost to restore your drain filed with Urgence Septique inc. represents only approximately 10 % of the amount you should pay to replace it. A saving of up to 12 000 $!

Environmentally sound

The fast intervention of Urgence Septique inc. reduces the impact of the failed septic system in its environment by limiting any leachate of untreated waters. In the long term, this “almost immediate” recovery relieves this pollution off your environment, your property.

Fast and efficient

Said simply, the result of our intervention and the positive repercussions are immediate.

How to recognize that your drain field is blocked, saturated, failed?

Several indications can reveal a failed septic system. Here are the problems which can appear when your drain field is blocked:

terrain mouillé

What to do in that situation?

  • In the short term, it is necessary to reduce at the most your water consumption to give a bit of a rest to the drain field.
    If needed, empty your septic tank to gain some time and avoid damages from back up flow.
    And call the real experts, Urgence Septique inc.

    Deal with Urgence Septique Inc., the professional expert in septic system restoration!

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